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Over Thirty Three years of design & installation in compliance to the established engineering practices and municipal regulations, we have completed a lot of projects of all disciplines. While executing each of these projects - safety was always Sanadi’s top priority- a value that is fundamental to our culture. Till date, we have achieved a zero loss time incidents on all our projects throughout UAE and the Middle East. Year after year our zero accident policy helps us to put our safety performance right at the top of our industry”

At Sanadi, we believe that every accident is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every project through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Every employee has stop work authority- if it is not safe, don’t do it. We also ask our subcontractors & partners to adopt our commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments or in severe weather conditions remote locations.

Lighter-weight hard hats, better eye and face protection, economically improved tools and equipment, injury protection program while handling heavy and sensitive materials at site, a people based safety program that puts the responsibility for changing and eliminating unsafe practices in the hands of workers with strong support from project management, insurance for all our workers are some of the safety programs that have been implemented over the years in Sanadi. Our dedication to safety helps the workers to keep them safe, it also pays off to the customers. Their operating costs go down and productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents. SANADI is also committed to environmental excellence. Our goal is to protect the environment and keep on protecting it for long, even after the project is completed. We make sure that every project we undertake in design and construction meets or exceeds government regulations for the air & water quality.


Services Since 1989

Services Since 1989

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Over the centuries, aesthetically placing water into the landscape or into the building has remained a central theme for any successful design. The Water projects and its designs are of great interest, excitement which add freshness, calms the mind and plays a big role in our perspective. Good engineering and expertise is essential for building and operating Water Bodies like Pools, Lakes, Waterfalls, Fountains etc. Our experienced team of professional engineers and skilled personals from various fields, have proved our capability to execute several projects and to transform specific aesthetic requirements into an un- predictable visual result.

When there is nothing in this world that can re place life or every penny which you have spent, it is necessary that you choose a right and well quall fled builder and there is no one better In this region than SANADI we can design, engineer, con struct, maintain and service your project to the highest standards of quality.

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